Dirty stuff

All photos by Elin Sohlin

Walking band

Vintage instruments used:
Airline 1965
Banjolin 1920's
Dickerson lapsteel 1940's
Dobro mid 1930's
Harpguitar ca 1890
Levin mandolin 1949
Washboard 1930's
Vega Triumphal amplifier 1948
Vega amplifier ca 1935
Viloa da terra ca 1890

Mats with an elecric bariton guitar, the solo on "Got to go" .
Two old Vega amps, the left one from 1948, the righ one from ca 1935.

Releasparty Unknown man

From left: Mats Byström, Björn Sohlin, Roger Häggström and John Vigebo

Hey, it was a D!

Lars Dahlqvist reads the menu, without him the band would never had made the first CD!

Two arms up!



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