Dirty stuff

All CD's are pressed and comes with a nice illustrated booklet with all the lyrics.

This is is our fresh third CD released 2012. It was recorded at Tonteknik Recording in Umeå.

Mats Byström: Piano, organ, wurlitzer, backing vocals, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, lap steel and electric bass.
Pelle Henricsson: Drums, percussions, washboard and wurlitzer.
Roger Häggström: Songs and lyrics, lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, tenor guitar, viola da terra and metallofon.
Björn Sohlin: Violin, cello, harmonica and backing vocals.
Annelie Vigren: Backing vocals.
Niclas Vigren: Stand up and electric bass, backing vocals.


This is “Dirty stuff”, the third album recorded by ”Roger and The Rockets”. The second album recorded in a professional studio using top-of-the line equipment by people who knows how to use them. Real and for the most part vintage instruments and amplifiers have been used by the band giving the tracks life and an authentic live feeling. The songs themselves covers a broad spectrum of different Americana styles, from rock and blues to hillbilly or bluegrass with a little spice of Swedish traditional folk music sprinkled on top. Varied, but always with a memorable and catchy melody and lyrics with a story to tell. The songs are all written and sung by Roger Häggström, the arrangements and the individual tracks are made by all the members of the band.

We are five members in the band and most of us play more than one instrument. Roger Häggström plays rhythmic guitar and unusual stringed instruments from a big private vintage collection of instruments, Björn Sohlin plays the violin, harmonica and cello, Niclas Vigren plays stand-up and electric bass, Mats Byström plays almost anything, on this record we have keyboards, guitars, mandolins and banjos played by him, Pelle Henricsson is the producer/technician, but also the drummer and percussionist on the CD. On a couple of tunes we have Annelie Vigren on backing vocals to get that feminine touch we surely need.

The band is mainly playing live at small venues in and around our hometowns Örnsköldsvik and Umeå in the northern part of Sweden. Not as often as we would like to though, all the members of the band loves playing before an enthusiastic audience. We hope that this CD will open up for new opportunities and more gigs in the future.

Our previous CD’s has had their share of nice reviews; the new CD is probably the best one we’ve made so far. We started off with a nice set of tunes and shared some great moments together while recording them. The duds are weeded out and we are proud of all the songs that made it.



Copyright Roger Häggström 2009